The Routes

We’ve been getting a number of questions about the routes, so I am posting these here.

The Freedhem 76 route is approximately 80% gravel, 10% MMR/Trail, and 10% paved road.

The Freedhem 46 is around 85% gravel, 2% MMR and 13% paved road.

We would also estimate that about 90% of the riders ride a gravel bike, but there are some who like to ride a mountain bike or are into riding fat tire mountain bikes. There’s no wrong bike to ride, but we would recommend a minimum of a 35mm tire, with a 38-40mm being optimal.

Presented by Panaracer

We are pleased to announce that Panaracer will once again be our presenting sponsor for Freedhem 76 for 2022!

Panaracer’s values and commitment to cycling and cycling events is what motivates us to choose them as a partner and presenting sponsor of our event.

Check out their fine range of tires and tire supplies at their website:

Thank you to Panaracer Corporation for your support of Freedhem 76!

Welcome to our web page!

We are pleased to have WordPress as our website developer. I’ll be the first to admit, I am not the most proficient at all things web-related, and have had to self-teach this old dog new tricks. Designing and hosting a web page is not in my wheel-house, but I’ll try to make the best of it, and provide valuable content and make this a source that Freedhem 76 riders can go to for the most up-to-date information on what is happening with planning, registration, and the event. The next Freedhem 76 is scheduled for 9:00 am CST, July 1, 2023. We’re glad to have you here. Please come back, and check in regularly! – Don

The history of Freedhem 76

In 2016, Freedhem 76 officially began, when a few buddies threw together a group ride, around the 4th of July, to celebrate Independence Day. The route was something that a few local riders, Brent, Matt and Mike, had been exploring, riding and recording over a few years prior. This gravel ride was a tongue-in-cheek nod at Freedom and our independence as a country in (17)76. It was rather convenient that Freedhem, Mn, and the Swanson Bros. Freedhem Store, was a destination to start the route. A dozen riders showed up and got down on some fine Morrison and Crow Wing County, in 2016.

Freedhem 76 was a group ride for a couple more years, and was always a blast. I really enjoyed participating in other gravel events around the state, but there was definitely a vacancy of organized events in North Central Mn. I ran the idea of making Freedhem 76 and event past the founders, Mike and Matt, in 2018. They both said… NO! However, in early 2019, another friend, Josh, had mentioned that he’d like to make it an event as well. I asked Mike and Matt again. They said if I wanted to do it, that would be great, so the planning began…

I had no idea what I was doing, but I knew what I liked, and didn’t like, about different events that I had participated in. With great mentors, like Trenton Raygor, and Sean Ez Pease; and hosts and partners, like Marian, at The Freedhem Store; Panaracer; Ben Doom, at Revolution Cycle and Ski; 1upUSA; Pactimo; Ed and Sarah Shaw; Jack Pine Brewery and others, including my ever supportive, creative, and patient wife, Melody, Freedhem 76 p/b Panaracer was an event in 2019! The first year, we had 85 riders toe the line at Freedhem. It was more ride than race, but we had a great time!

2020…ugh…Pandemic! After spending months organizing and planning, we had to pull the plug on hosting a live event, and instead went to a virtual/solo/socially distant event, over 3 weeks, in late June and early July. Even mid-pandemic, we still had 83 riders that recorded their rides for awards and prizes! The real heros of the 3 weeks event, were our mid-ride oasis hosts, Melissa and Lindsey Raddatz. For 3 weeks, they greeted and met dozens of you at mile 43, and provided shade and ice-cold water to parched riders. It was HOT!!!

2021 -We went back to our live, one day event. Thanks to our wonderful hosts, sponsors, volunteers and riders, we were able to see 176 riders toe to the line and ride the 76 and 46 mile routes. We gave podium awards to our top 3 finishers in each category, and lots of swag to everyone who came and rode with us. David Markman, from Markman Outdoor photography documented the day with photos, and we had live music, by Jon Theis, to compliment the great food, catered by Sage on Laurel.

2022 – After adding 40 extra spots, to accommodate requests, Freedhem 76 presented by Panaracer is full! We had nearly 300 riders, new course records were set in all categories and divisions. Freedhem attracted many top riders from around the Midwest and US. Our podiums expanded in the 76 Open Mens and Womens categories. We had a bunch of retuning sponsors and a number of new sponsors, including Otso Cycles, who partnered with us to give away a new Warakin frameset!
Thanks to our awesome sponsors:
Panaracer – Our returning presenting sponsor!
Pactimo Pactimo Midwest
Revolution Cycle and Ski Ben Doom
Otso Cycles
Wolf Tooth Components
Berd Spokes
Ed Shaw Law
Sage on Laurel
Jack Pine Brewery
Redshift Sports
Bike Rags
Fysio Bike Fit Johnny Severson
Riding Gravel
MN Bike Trail Navigator
Chamois Butt’r
Maluna Coolers
StoneHouse Coffee & Roastery
Markman outdoor photography
Nick Noethe Visuals
Jon Theis Music
The Raddatz Family
Freedhem Store Freedhem, Minnesota

2023 – Mark your calanders – July 1, 2023 will be the 8th edition of Freedhem 76. Stay tuned for more details, here at